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People don't read s***.

The availability of more information then ever has somehow led to people consuming less information then ever. Our content topics seek to offer fresh insights that are relevant, informative, and thought-provoking while, most importantly, being consumable.

People don't read textbooks for fun, for a reason. 

Our writing style seeks to challenge the status quo, ask the tough questions, educate, inspire, and most importantly, tell a story.   

People do not have conversations on hard topics. 

The availability of information and the ease of publishing information has turned everyone into an expert on every topic. We believe that there is endless opportunity to learn regardless of experience, age, or background - even as experts. Our authors are eager, and open, to having conversations on their work. Please reach out and start a conversation should you feel called to.

We encourage you to explore more of our original thoughts in the media. We publish regularly in a variety of publications, and we are always looking for new ways to reach our audience. 

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Innovate. Create. Enhance.

Together, we can achieve more.

Recent Insights


Charging the Storm

An Unconventional Approach for Navigating Post-Merger Integration

by Darrell Brown
December 2023


Why Remote Doesn't Work

A framework for predicting the effectiveness of remote work

by Greg Lemiska and Kevin McManus
November 2023

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