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Our early professional team members come from diverse backgrounds, reflecting the many different paths that can lead to a successful career in consulting. While there is no single "right" major or course of study, our early professionals all share some common qualities, including academic excellence, leadership skills, and extracurricular experience. We look for strong problem solvers with potential—we'll teach you the rest.

MBA or graduate students will oftentimes join us as associates or managers, depending on a variety of factors, such as their academic background, prior work experience, and career goals.

Undergraduates typically join us as interns or business analysts, where they play an integral role on our client service teams. Some undergraduates choose to stay with us for two or three years before pursuing graduate school; others stay on and move directly into a postgraduate role.

With our global reach, deep expertise, and commitment to personal development, we offer our early professionals the opportunity to:

  • Work on cutting-edge projects with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies

  • Collaborate with a diverse team of world-class consultants

  • Develop their skills and knowledge through our comprehensive training programs

  • Make a real impact on the world by helping our clients solve their most complex challenges

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Sakshi Hinduja

"The hands-on experience and constructive feedback I receive have been essential to my professional and personal growth."

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Gavin McManus

"mXa continually empowers me to grow and succeed. By emphasizing a spirit of innovation and constant learning, mXa provides its staff with the best means to optimally serve clients." 

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Ben Collins

"mXa's supportive and collaborative culture has equipped me to empathize with and serve clients well."


Our 6- to 10-week summer internship program offers you a unique and collaborative way to experience management consulting. You'll start with an orientation to your local office, followed by training on the tools and methodologies you need to succeed. You'll also be assigned a mentor and project manager who will provide continuous support and guidance throughout the program.

As part of your project team, you'll develop research, perform complex analyses, and work on data-gathering assignments, both at client sites and in the office for a variety of projects.

Recruitment for the 2024 summer internship program will occur fall of 2023 with on-campus recruitment and candidate interviews. The internship program is primarily for current juniors in undergraduate studies, but sophomores may be considered on a case-by-case basis.


The entirety of the 2024 internship program will occur in the Plano, TX office.

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Business Analyst

Our business analysts are talented problem solvers who are eager to make an immediate impact on the client team. They typically develop models, perform complex analyses, and conduct both onsite and offsite research. Most business analysts join us right after graduating with undergraduate degrees, but others join after gaining industry experience, studying abroad, or pursuing graduate work in non-business fields.

Recruitment for 2024 business analysts will occur fall of 2023 with on-campus recruitment and candidate interviews. This position is primarily for current seniors in undergraduate studies or non-MBA graduate students.


All recruitment for 2024 business analysts will be for the Plano, TX office.

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Acing the interview

Interviews can be stressful and challenging. Our interview process has been carefully crafted to get an idea of who you are and how you think.

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If you’d like more information about our opportunities, get in touch today.

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