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Experienced Professionals

We seek exceptional people from diverse backgrounds, including technology, finance, government, engineering, law, the military, medicine, and more. With our scale, training, people, and technology, we can help you deepen your skills, explore new areas, and do meaningful work that makes a real difference for our clients.

At mXa, we believe that diversity of thought and experience is essential to delivering innovative and impactful solutions for our clients. That's why we are committed to hiring experienced professionals from all backgrounds, whether related to consulting or not. 

With our global reach, deep expertise, and commitment to personal development, we offer our experienced professionals the opportunity to:

  • Work on cutting-edge projects with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies

  • Collaborate with a diverse team of world-class consultants

  • Develop their skills and knowledge through our comprehensive training programs

  • Make a real impact on the world by helping our clients solve their most complex challenges

Hunter Snyder Picture

Hunter Snyder

“mXa's focus on meritocracy allows employees to develop at the rate of their competency, not just their tenure, and has created a culture of high expectations and high performers.”

Tareq Fattul Picture

Tareq Fattul

“I was drawn towards mXa because I was provided with the unique opportunity to gain extensive experience through multiple avenues, whether that be internally or externally.”

Interview Process

Our interview process is tailored to your career experience and professional background. Typically, each interview will include questions about your personal experiences, behaviors, fit with mXa, and intellectual abilities. In line with our contrarian perspective, we seek candidates who think outside the box.

Initial interviews are conducted virtually, and subsequent rounds may be held in person.

Job Applications

Job applications can be found on LinkedIn, but we also source talent through our recruiting team's relationships and networking. We encourage you to follow our LinkedIn page and connect with current employees to learn more about potential opportunities and how you can contribute to our team.

Recruiting Cycle

For experienced professionals, we have an evergreen recruiting process, meaning that we are always evaluating talent and building relationships with potential candidates for future opportunities.

We encourage experienced professionals to submit their resumes and connect with us on LinkedIn to learn more about our opportunities and how they can contribute to our team.


Before interviewing with us at mXa, we recommend preparing for a mix of behavioral and fit questions. Since the interview is a two-way street, we also encourage you to come prepared with your own questions to ask.

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If you’d like more information about our opportunities, get in touch today.

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