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Beyond the Horizon: 2024 M&A Outlook

Decoding key trends and untapped potential in the M&A landscape through 2024 and beyond


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  • Macroeconomic Review of 2023

  • Global M&A Review of 2023

  • Global M&A Outlook for 2024

  • ​mXa's Value Creation Prediction

After a year marked by heightened economic uncertainty, the global M&A landscape navigates a new course in 2024.

This report delves into three critical areas shaping the current M&A landscape, offering insights and projections for the year ahead

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Deciphering the 2023 Macroeconomic Environment

We'll peel back the layers of the economic forces that shaped the tumultuous landscape of 2023, identifying the headwinds and tailwinds that steered dealmaking patterns.

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Reviewing the Global M&A Process of 2023

A comprehensive examine of the M&A landscape, analyzing both cross- border and sector-specific trends, along with the key challenges and successes that shaped the dealscape.

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Predicting Global M&A Opportunities in 2024

As economic clarity emerges, we delve deep into forecasting the dealmaking landscape, equipping you with the decisive insights and effective strategies to navigate this dynamic market and maximize value creation.

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