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Business is Personal

Our commitment to people is embedded in the framework of our identity 

We believe high expectations drive high performance

Driven by our Mission 

As a Method360 Group company we believe through the understanding of bias and behavior we can improve relationships, business, and society. We have embedded this into everything we do.


It is our mission to bring people to the full realization of their potential. It is through the individual that we believe our clients will maximize their performance.


We are defined by what we do.


We will be defined by original and creative ideas. 


We take a holistic view of a challenge and embrace grounding our challenges in the facts. We are committed to seeing the problems our clients face from their perspective and we will communicate to them in a direct manner. We will put our client interest ahead of mXa.

Behavioral Insight

We are committed to the advanced understanding of human behavior.


We value deep intellectual honesty and we communicate the facts plainly in a straightforward manner. 

Our Commitment

At mXa we are committed to leading with facts while coloring with empathy. 

Our Team

Committed to Excellence


Kevin McManus


Paige Tabler

VP & Head of Revenue

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Jim Hanck

VP & General Manager

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Michael Kaviani


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