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Performance begins with People

At Method360 we believe the understanding of bias and behavior can improve relationships, business, and society. We have embedded this into everything we do.


Most mergers will fail to realize their cost of capital. Mergers and Acquisitions are difficult, time consuming, and expensive. They create risk. Your bias may have led you to overpay. Most will fail to fully appreciate the cost of obtaining the promised synergy. Just about all will be overly optimistic regarding the time to synergy capture.


It does not have to be this way. At mXa we have taken our extensive experience in data integration and advanced understanding of bias and behavior and put it to work. 


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Every case is an answer to a question. The most difficult challenge is to isolate the question and bring insight to that unique challenge. Your challenge is unique to you - we identify the question and develop fact based answers grounded in our research in bias and behavior.


Our proprietary methodology closes the loop where others fail. Our 360 approach recognizes that change management is not an additional service but rather fundamental for success. By embedding behavioral awareness tools throughout the project with best in class project management we increase certainty by limiting the biggest risk to programs; human emotion. 


We recognize that the best way to limit bias is by removing it from the process itself. We have developed solutions to drive certainty in the areas where performance is most impacted by human bias. 


Our team is prepared to meet you where you are at.

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Creating certainty under pressure. Focusing competing priorities. 

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We are a certified Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and member of The Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council

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